Membership Information


  • Participate in a grassroots coalition working to improve student achievement in Southeast Seattle
  • Strengthen the engagement and influence of communities of color in school change
  • Connect with other like-minded organizations and people committed to our children’s future
  • Join together in advocacy for empowered parents and successful children
  • Gain visibility for your organization and work

To join us now, please complete a membership form.

MEMBERS: 75% of SESEC Members must represent CBOs that have services in Southeast Seattle, and the majority of clients served overall must be students/families of color. Member organizations will send the Executive Director or a high-level representative to at least 50% of monthly membership meetings and join a committee.

ALLIES: Allies support SESEC’s mission but may not be able to meet membership requirements. Allies may be organizations or individuals. Ally organizations will attend at least 3 general meetings a year, and participate in committee meetings and activities as possible. Allies will abstain from voting in membership meetings.

SUPPORTERS: Supporters are organizations who support SESEC’s mission but who are unable to commit to SESEC at the Member or Ally level.


  • Support SESEC’s mission, principles, and strategies
  • Refer other potential member organizations as appropriate
  • Allow SESEC to use the member organization’s name on SESEC marketing materials such as website, letterhead, press releases, etc.

DEFINITION OF SOUTHEAST SEATTLE: “Southeast Seattle” is the area East of I-5, South of I-90, West of Lake Washington, and north of the southern City of Seattle limits.