New! The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights just released comprehensive data from every public school in the country regarding disproportionate discipline and (here’s the press release and the tool). 

In Seattle Public Schools:

  • The students classified as gifted/talented (or APP) are predominately white – every other ethnic group is under-represented.
    • Only 3.9% of gifted/talented students are black while black students make up 18.4% of all students.  
    • There is not a single Hawaiian or Pacific Islander in the gifted/talented program.
  • While black and latino students are under-represented in college prep classes (calculus, chemistry, physics) they are over-represented in out-of-school suspensions.  
    • Black students make up 18.7% of the student population but 42.5% of all suspensions are black students.

SESEC is working hard to get and share accurate and complete data with our community. We believe that data must be:

  • collected and disaggregated by language groups and income;
  • complete for all schools; and
  • shared with the community.

In pursuit of these goals, on February 16th, 2013 we hosted an event at Rainier Beach High School and invited Seattle Public Schools to present disaggregated data on school performance. Here are links to SESEC’s presentation breaking down the demographics of SE Seattle, and SPS’s disaggregated data on SE elementary schools.

We are asking for further disaggregation and will post the information as we receive it.


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