We’re hiring! SESEC is looking to fill three positions

Yeah! We’re hiring! We’d love to find some more great, committed people who would like to grow the SESEC team. Cover letters and resumes have already started coming in but we want to be sure that the call is heard throughout our community. We are accepting applications through next Monday, July 8th.
We are looking for:
1. SESEC CBO_School Partnerships Coordinator: This is a halftime position. This person will work with the CBO/School Action Committee to accomplish their goals, including: Developing a strong understanding of existing and emerging partnership opportunities; Collaborating to build professional learning communities to support racial and ethnically focused CBOs in SE Seattle; and serving as the touch point for multiple school and CBO partners.
2. SESEC Family Engagement Coordinator: This is a halftime position. This person will  collaborate with Rainier Beach High School to build family and community understanding around the International Baccalaureate program; and work with the Family Engagement Action Committee to accomplish their goals, including developing a strong understanding of family engagement opportunities and challenges in SE Seattle and developing and growing emerging family leadership groups to share best practices and support family engagement activities.
3. SESECAfricanAmericanAgenda: This is a contract that carries a stipend. This position will work closely with SESEC members, the Program Director and Steering Committee to build engagement with traditional African American families. S/he will work with the community to identify African American leaders across southeast Seattle and convene them to develop an action plan for the African American community to engage with schools and address our most pressing opportunity and achievement gaps.
We are accepting individual applications but are also opening to partnering to support and expand work that may already be happening in the community. If you have a staff member you think could be supported by this funding, please also contact me directly with your thoughts. We’re trying to be as creative as possible getting the word out and supporting community members doing this work! Please email allfivesinfive@gmail.com with any questions or with your application materials.
Enjoy the sun!

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