Welcome to SESEC’s Website Intern!

SESEC has had the pleasure of working with a newly graduated high school intern from VFA‘s JOBS program during May and June, Hoang Vo. He has organized and archived the SESEC website for transition to a new format, and helped find and organize information for family resources from all of our partner organizations and schools. Please read below for a few words from Hoang about his experience. We hope to see him again when he returns from Vietnam in August! Thanks, Hoang!

“When I started my internship for the SESEC, I was really excited  because I was going to learn how to design a website and have a chance to work with the compuSAMSUNGter, which is related to my major in the future. I have learned how to build up my own website such as construct the appearance, post articles and other materials on the website, control the post and comments, create the categories so people can access to what they want easier. Also, I gained experience with using google spreadsheet in gmail. It’s really helpful to use when your computer does not have microsoft excel or powerpoint. These will help me a lot in the future when my job require me to do anything on the website or google mail.”


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