SESEC launches All Fives in Five campaign

After much heated discussion, we finally developed our campaign goal and slogan: All Fives in Five (A5I5). ALL schools in Southeast Seattle will be at Level 5, the highest in quality and performance, in five years. This is a big, hairy, audacious goal, but the good ones usually are. Our kids deserve it.

In the next several weeks, we will work on the following:

  • Organizing ourselves into effective, efficient committees
  • Increasing our membership base
  • Refining our best-practice strategies for achieving A5I5
  • Developing a concrete action plan for moving forward
  • Seeking funding to support this advocacy effort

We have talked to SPS Superintendent Susan Enfield, as well as Southeast Education Directors, Bree Dusseault and Michael Tolley. All promised to have a concrete action plan, by the end of August 2011, for addressing the disparities in SE schools. They were productive meetings, and all seem to be concerned with school performance in SE Seattle, and are willing to work with SESEC in make sure all our students succeed. We will continue to work with them to develop this plan.

Stay tuned. Subscribe to the blog for regular updates.


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